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[Plug] info on next meeting (Nov. 3rd)

I've added a link to pictures on the Announcement page.  Go to the main
PLUG web page (http://plug.nothinbut.net), & click on "Plug Announcement".  
Tell me what you think of the pictures & how helpful they'd be, or what I
could change.  I work 5 blocks from this place & my boss let me borrow his
digital camera.  If nobody responds to this I'm going to be pissed, think
nobody cares, and take longer to do updates to the announcements page, so
humour me :)

Also, what are we doing for food next month ?

Topic: Adam Turoff will be giving a talk on the history of Linux.  
Where: The IQ Group's Technology Lab 
       The Constitution Building, 6th floor 
       325 Chestnut Street 
       Philadelphia, PA 19106 
       (map / pictures & directions links on web page) 
       Site Contact is Chris McDonough (mcdonc@iqgroup.com) 
       It's the room with a big "Q" on the door. The building is on the
       North side of Chestnut. Nice conference room. Counted 57 chairs.
       Whiteboard. PC type projector. Nice. 
When:  Wednesday, November 3rd, 1999, 7pm-9pm 
Food:  Unknown.  Suggestions ?

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