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Re: [Plug] where do I buy a power supply ?

Okay, I think I want to get a power supply & a couple fans from PC Power &
Cooling (http://www.pcpowercooling.com).  

Fan: http://www.pcpowercooling.com/products/alarmandaccesories/silencerfan/index_silencer.htm
$12 a piece

Power supply: http://www.pcpowercooling.com/products/power_supplies/highperformance/turbocools/index_hp_atx.htm

300w $99 
350w $149
400w $199

Any suggestions on how many watts I should get ?  

Hmm, just started looking at other people's prices, there's stuff a lot
cheaper.  Are these worth it ?  Is there anybody else that lists the noise
level of their power supplies ?

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