Bill Jonas on Fri, 3 Dec 1999 23:30:12 -0500 (EST)

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Re: [Plug] F11 for full screen?

> > At the last meeting, during Hugh's presentation, he went to full screen
> > mode. Is that available in Netscrape? The help file lists no match for
> > "full screen" or "full". I thought it was F11. Any ideas? TIA
> Internet Explorer, actually. Don't believe that Netscape has a similar
> option. And, yes, it's F11 in IE.

I don't believe Nutscrape has that particular function, but you can
approximate it by collapsing the tool bar, URL bar, and any other bars that
you have at the top by clicking the vertical bar on the left side of the
tool bar (etc.).  (Disclaimer:  This was in the Win32 version; I
(ass)(u)(me) that it works in the Linux versions as well.)


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