LeRoy D. Cressy on Sat, 11 Dec 1999 09:32:08 -0500 (EST)

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[Plug] Netscape and a closed list

Hi all,

Steve and I have spent the past several weeks working on the PLUG mailing list. 
There are problems with users that use Netscape with dialup ISP accounts on
Linux boxes.  When you send a message to the Plug list from a dialup box you
either must make sure that your login name on your home box is the same as the
login name on the ISP box.  Also Netscape must be configured to have the "From"
header be the sams as the ISP's

The "From" header and the "Sender" header must match exactly!

For instance:

From: "LeRoy Cressy" <ldc@netaxs.com>
Sender: "LeRoy Cressy" <leroy@netaxs.com>

These two lines do not match.  The sender line is not configurable in Netscape. 
It is determined by your login name.  The host portion comes from the part that
in the mail and news preferences.  Also there are problems with the domain name

There are several ways that this problem can be resolved.  The hardest way seems
to make Netscape behave the way you want it to behave.

The second is to login to a shell account on your ISP and use either elm, pine
or mutt to send a message to the PLUG mail list.  Hopefully, the ISP's mailer
will be configured to reflect that you sent the mail through their SMTP server
and the right headers will be shown.

The third method is to create a dummy account on the PLUG mailing list to
reflect what your sender line looks like.  This seems the easiests since many of
us send mail from all sorts of places, not just a local box that is connected to
the net.

There is a forth option and that is to make the list an open list again which
would resolve the conflict.

Have a great day:-)


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