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Re: [PLUG] Linux 2.2 Firewall

Okay, here's a question that I can't seem to find an answer for.

My network is a registered class C network.  I'm going to use a single
bastion firewall between the router and the LAN.  I want to forward and
not masquerade (yes, I know masq'ing is more secure, but I think it would
mess up future plans).

My question is that do I need the two sides of my FW to be two separate
subnets?  I.e. if my router is, should the external interface
of the FW be, with a mask of, and the internal
interface be, with a mas of... grrr... everything above .4 (I
can never figure those out).

Also, should the LAN systems then use the FW or the router for their


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