Nicolai Rosen on Sun, 25 Jun 2000 03:25:59 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [PLUG] Help for Start up with CGI for forms (fwd)

I don't think that this guy realized he was posting to a closed list that
he had just unsubscribed from. I for one would love to see him follow
through w/ this threat just to see Avi's response (my appologies to those
of you who don't know who I'm talking about).

Nicolai Rosen

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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 00:57:25 -0400
From: tsunami <>
Subject: Re: [PLUG] Help for Start up with CGI for forms

To PLUG admin.
Please allow this to your board.  I feel various people who are part of this group
think they own the PLUG and are worse then our government.
I'm leaving this group without anything good to say about it.  But would like to pass
the message below to Nic. Thank you and I'm sorry.


To Nic:

The comment from Nic below did it for me I have decided to remove my name from the

Nic Get a life!! I would like to tell you one thing.  I would never hire you and I am
going to pass a copy of the comments below that you made to fellow IT/MIS executive
both in the US and International of whom I have a great working relationship with.

No need to respond to me I won't accept your e-mail's as a matter of fact I have
decided to send this to your
Employer so they can see how you feel about changes and making successful
IT/MIS/business decisions and conversations.

To the remaining part of this group I am sorry and wish you the most success in your

To the new member who you are treating like crap, try to ignore Nic he is an immature
punk with red hair not all members are like him.  GOOD luck with your business and
feel free to e-mail me I can help you.



Nicolai Rosen wrote:

> On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Little, Terrance wrote:
> > My name is Terry and I am a recently subscribed memeber of PLUG and I was
> > wondering if there would be any help available for me with my new "Start Up"
> > company.  The problem that I'm having is creating cgi scripts that will take
> > orders selected from text boxes on a page, collect the data, total the data,
> > and then send it to another page to be viewed by the user (sort of like a
> > shopping cart).  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would really
> > appreciate the help.  Also, this would be a great opportunity for anyone
> > that has any free time to get in on building a business from scratch.  We
> > are currently putting together a DEMO package and will be using this to
> > secure some investment capital.  Right now there is are currently 3 of us
> > involved with this venture, and we are looking for a couple other people to
> > jump aboard, preferably someone with good programming skills.  The company
> > is Venus Enterprises.
> I've kept my mouth shut through quite a bit of off topic posting. I didn't
> even raise objection to the C++ developer ad (even though the
> qualifications were knowing variants of java), but I really must step in
> and speak my mind on this one.
> First, this is a Linux user's group. Say it with me now, Linux. I knew you
> could. Asking for help on the topic of cgi is about as far from Linux as
> you can get.
> Second, this posting was the most thinly veiled attempt at getting a free
> ride and finding suckers to jump aboard a go nowhere company (I'm assuming
> anybody this clueless is going to fail or at least I hope so :). I for one
> have enough worthwhile things to do to occupy my time and everyone I know
> who's a part of PLUG does too. I don't need to get mail from somebody who
> wants free work. If people come up with interesting projects for
> themselves or to help others, then I'm happy lending a hand, but if you
> want me to work to help you make a profit, then you pay me and not in
> potential wealth. And if you want to go and hire somebody with general
> programming skills then place an ad in the newspaper or search on or try
> or something. I don't care, but you're not winning any friends
> here by making your first post to the Philadelphia Linux User's Group one
> about asking people to do free cgi programming and to join a "Start Up"
> company (I still don't get why that's in '"'s).
> Nicolai Rosen
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