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[PLUG] modules/kmod in kernel 2.4.0

hey all,
i have a couple of systems running redhat 6.2 and now finally got
around to installing suse 7.0 on my laptop (dell latitude cpi-a,
366mhz, 256mb, 10Gb). when 2.4.0 came out, i took a redhat 6.2 test
system and splashed the kernel on there, compiled, rebooted - and
everything was set. modules load on demand, kwintv works, cdburning
works, the system seems perfect.

so then i decided to give it a shot on my laptop simply because i like
having the latest stuff around (even if it's not entirely safe). as i
said, the laptop runs suse 7.0 and uses reiserfs on everything but
/boot (/dev/hda1). logically, i patched 2.4.0 with reiserfs 3.6.25 and
built reiserfs straight into the kernel, since my root partition is

furthermore, because of some of my pcmcia cards, and my failure to get
my 3c575_cb card to be loaded as 3c59x (vortex) - a change in 2.4.0 -,
i disabled pcmcia in the kernel and built pcmcia_cs-3.1.23.

and it boots fine. but there are no modules loaded except for the
hierarchy required by 3c575_cb - which consists of pcmcia_core, i82365,
ds, cb_enabler, and 3c575_cb. but no other modules are loaded or will
load automatically.

take apm, when i run apm without the module apm in the kernel, i will
get "No APM support in kernel." doing a modprobe apm correctly adds it
to the kernel and then apm works.

or nm256_audio: doing a play somewave.wav results in "unknown device:
/dev/dsp" but after the module is added with modprobe, sound works.

now, my question is - what happened to kmod? it seems that the redhat
dist works fine, but something about suse screws up. since kmod is a
kernel thread, i assume it's loaded, so my first guess would be
/etc/modules.conf - which suse fills up with 2 billion lines of
useless junk. YaST?

ACK! do i need one of those "alias char_major_XX apm" lines in
modules.conf for the apm.o module to be loaded automatically upon

who else has been experiencing this with 2.4.0 and what are your

any clues?

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