Bill Jonas on Wed, 10 Jan 2001 11:17:39 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] 2.4 Kernel release

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 10:48:00AM -0800, Staff wrote:
> Is it out?  Are the distros going to offer patchs and or a spot to download
> it at?

It is out.  Red Hat 7.0 is supposedly "2.4-ready".  If your distro doesn't
offer it on their ftp site, you can dowload it from  See the
Kernel-HOWTO at <>.
Usually, the differences between Linus' kernel and the ones the
distributions offer are a few patches.  (For example, Mandrake 7.2
included 2.2.17 with the patches for ReiserFS and USB.)

> Or is it something that I can obtain from or something of the
> like....

You can always obtain it from <>.

> And one last question... is this the offical from Linus release?  That big
> break throught that was supposed to happen last year at some point?

The one and only.  The one of the High Order of Tux, the one that is
Sprinkled With the Holy Penguin Pee.  :)

> Sorry for the confusion but I am buying some new systems soon both for home
> and work.. and I like to use the latest STABLE stuff :P

Judging from what I've heard from past stable releases, you can either go
with 2.4.0 since it will be more stable than 2.4.1, or wait until ~2.4.5.
:)  (Although that's a trend that Linus is going to be trying *really*
hard to reverse with this release.)

There's no place for the straight dope like the linux-kernel mailing list.
It generates a *heck* of a lot of mail, though.  One set of archives is
available at <>.  The FAQ
for the list is at <>, and weekly summaries of the
more major threads on the list is available from Kernel Traffic, at

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