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Re: [PLUG] Tape Drive Selection

--- Andrew Barnett <> wrote:
> The tape drive on my company's Linux web server is
> starting to die, so 
> I was wondering what the list's recommendations were
> for a 
> replacement. 
> Our current drive is a HP SureStore 5000, which is an
> old SCSI DDS2 
> DAT drive. We'd like the new one to be SCSI, fast, and
> be able to

I've been using HP SureStore 7000 (which is DLT70, I
believe, + 6 tapes library) on SCO OpenServer for about
two years, HP DLT40 on RH6.2 for about a year with DLT IV
tapes. Had a small problem with library long ago - didn't
always detect that the tape is in slot. Got that replaced
without problems. No problems since. LOVE DLT! LOVE the
speed. On SCO, it takes about 2 hrs to backup 15Gb/130
mil records Informix DB and about 4 hrs to backup 12 file
systems with 23 Gb on them.

Numbers might be not that impressive - I don't use any
backup packages, just good old plain ontape and cpio.
Still very happy with hardware.

I think DLT80 is around $1400 at


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