Kevin Falcone on Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:27:07 -0500

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[PLUG] Re: ISP's and db's

>>>>> "JA" == Jeff Abrahamson <> writes:

  JA> Can any of our ISP folks shed some light on why ISP's generally
  JA> prefer to run MySQL instead of PostgreSQL?

Speed.  For a long time it kicked the hell out of Postgres in
benchmarks, and if all you are doing is a lot of selects out of medium
to largish sized tables with the occasional insert/update, then MySQL
works quite well.

Also, documentation/tutorials for PHP and perl's DBI often only use
the MySQL interface, neglecting postgres (although DBI docs do mention
Oracle a lot, mainly because of Tim Bunce)

I currently use MySQL on a production server with a few tables
averaging from 20000-100000 rows and it works quite well.  The only
thing I miss sometimes are subselects.

Oh, and probably the number on reason ISPs use MySQL?  It is what
people request because they don't know anything else.


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