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RE: [PLUG] Ethernet/DSL setup question


	Verizon tries to kill your connection.  I run a little program
called GearMinder someone wrote for windows.  It pings 4 servers, one every
4 seconds.

	I know, this is the Linux list, but I am only a novice and I still
run Windows for my home email and file server.  I am trying.  ;-)

	I used to have tons of trouble with Verizon until I started using
that program.

	As for the PPPoE issue, I have a SonicWall hardware firewall here
and it supports NAT with PPPoE.  Might be the best thing I ever bought for
the main compound.  It runs a DHCP server and you just set your clients up
with it's IP as the gateway.  Made connecting any Linux install I was
playing with easy.



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> Verizon (for one) kills your connection from their end occasionally. And
> no, not from DHCP leases expiring; the log actually states something
> like "connection disconnected by remote peer". The RP client
> automatically reconnects you. Or is supposed to. Kind of like "re-dial
> on disconnect". You usually get the same IP back, altho not always.
> And staying online constantly is - I believe - against Verizon's TOS.
> DSL doesn't mean full-time connection, as far as Verizon is concerned.
> As I've always said, Verizon sucks. Badly.

I'm not defending Verizon, I'm just curious as to pppoe.  It doesn't seem
as evil, to me, as many make it out to be.  But then again, I also haven't
had the need to use it.  *shrug*


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