Leonard Rosenthol on Sun, 25 Mar 2001 18:50:14 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] Cell Phones & Computers /Nokia/Cingular?

At 10:28 AM -0800 3/25/01, multiple seriousity wrote:
  Basically I will have the options of a few phones from Nokia either the
51xx family, the 61xx family, or the 71xx family.  I don't really want to
spend the extra $$ for the features the 71xx family adds,  Does anybody
here have any experience with these model numbers?

I've been using a 61xx series phone for about 2 years now, and it's been great - no complaints for what it offers. I'm ready to upgrade to the 81xx series, however, since it can be used with my laptop(s) and Palm to get wireless networking via the functional IR port.

Specifically I'm curious about two net-access related things: 1) the
interactive messaging service (not my wireless window) which includes
mobile to movile text messaging, email, news updates, web messaging. info
alerts and more (if I can find the brocure, I'll list what more
and 2) has anybody had experience hooking up these phones to a computer
for net access? any drawbacks? any tips? would you recommend one of the
5100 or 6100 nokia family over another?

Unless they've done something I don't know about, the 51xx and 61xx don't have any of these features. You need a 71xx or later.

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