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RE: [PLUG] Cell Phones & Computers /Nokia/Cingular?

Cingular has dead spots in Montgomery and Bucks Co (Between Doylestown and
Pottstown).  Additionally, signal is erratic in Doylestown (I'll have 5/5
one minute...walk three feet and have a 1/5...take as step to left...3/5).
Overall, I've lost calls while on Cingular or simply could not get through.
Voicemail is attrocious with some messages take days to show up on my cell
phone (literally).

Cellular service was much better when operated by Comcast/Metrophone or even
Cellular One.


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Overall I'm pretty impressed with the Sprint stuff, their on-line account
>maintenance is a breeze and the minutes usage is accurate and upto date
>and their coverage in the metropolitan areas is good. I haven't dropped
>off their network at all yet.

My main complaint about sprint is dead-zones in Chester  and Montgomery
County, They were fine in Delaware County and CC. I'm with cingular now and
have no complaints and I had no complaints about AT&T's Digital One Rate.
Only down sides is to take a 8860 from AT&T to Cingular you have to get it
reprogrammed by cingular which has to be done in Georgia cause AT%T has
there phones programmed to search different band's first.

-Paul Andrel

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