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Re: [PLUG] Wireless service

Why do dynamic IPs into your VPN concern you?  I wouldn't think the
source IP would make you feel any better...  (Because spoofing an IP
doesn't seem to be related to dynamic vs. static allocation.)

As for wireless providers, there are also some satellite options.  I
believe there was a recent slashdot discussion on them.


Charles Stack wrote:
> I'm not sure if its common knowledge yet or not so I'd rather not say (and
> get everybody's hopes up).  But, they are in Doylestown.  I've been told the
> range is about 5 miles.  Since I'm within 2, I *REALLY* hope they get the
> go-ahead and implement it.  I want highspeed service with static IPs.  Cable
> and the ADSL providers don't give that.  And, I'm not sure if even SDSL is
> available any longer (despite the higher cost) in my area.
> Options are few...go with ADSL or cable and lose static ips and have to
> worry everytime I access the office computers through the VPN or through my
> linux gateway, lease a T1 (which I can't afford) or wait for decent wireless
> service.
> Charles
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> Charles Stack wrote:
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> > Anybody familiar with the new high-speed wireless that some ISPs are
> > installing?  My ISP is talking about it as a replacement for DSL (he no
> > longer offers DSL because of the COVAD/Northpoint issues).  Says 500kbps
> for
> > those withing the transmitter's range.
> >
> > Has anybody actually seen this work?  If so, is performance acceptable to
> > actually run home based servers?
> >
> > TIA,
> >
> > cjs
> Do you have any more info?  Which ISP?  Sounds interesting depending on
> the coverage and pricing.  There are a few offerings I've read about
> (mostly central/western US), but the user equipment is usually very
> pricey (>$500 setup) or they have a very limited range.
> If you don't need 500k, Richochet service from Metricom works well in
> this area (philly and NW suburbs).  It's 128k down & 64k up with burst
> rates higher than 128k.  Info at and a provider at
>  It's more expensive than DSL, but portable.
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> Kevin Brosius

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