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[PLUG] Meeting space!

I have found someone who says he is interested in attending meetings and will 
be our "sponsor" at CIGNA after I'm gone.  He also thinks he can find some 
others who would be interested as well, so he's not the only one.

His name is James Gerber and until a few weeks ago he worked in Voorhees, 
like I do.  He transferred to a position based in Philly at TLP and a friend 
of mine suggested him as a possible.  So I called and he said he'd be 

I'll get more details as they become available (i.e. who else will be 
contacts).  He won't be at this week's meeting (I don't think) but we should 
see him at the next one.  At any rate, he's cool for after July's meeting.  
I'll get him in touch with Chris and Darxus off-line just so he has points of 
contact within the group.

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