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[PLUG] Perl Tutorial "Program Repair Shop and Red Flags" 23 April 2001

This year I'll be doing four tutorials at the big Perl conference in
San Diego.  One of them is new; it's called `Program Repair Shop and
Red Flags'.  I need to practice this before I go to San Diego, so I'll
be giving the tutorial in Philadelphia next month.  If you were to
attend in San Diego, you would pay about $320.  But you can come to my
practice session for less than that.  I am asking for a (voluntary)
donation of $5 to cover expenses.  Any money I have left over will be
donated to the Free Software Foundation.


The tutorial will be at 6 PM on Monday, 23 April, and will end around
9:30 or 10:00 PM.  I will give it in room 303 of the Towne Building of
University of Pennsylvania. (Directions below.)


Here's the brochure description:


        Length: 3 hours

        Who should attend: All Perl programmers.  Basic familiarity
        with Perl is required.

        What you will learn: Style and technique tips that will make
        your programs easier to understand and easier to maintain and
        modify.  We will look at several examples of real Perl
        programs and examine their flaws, drawbacks, and limitations,

                * Performance problems
                * Suprising behavior
                * Poor layout
                * Fragility
                * Error handling
                * Maintenance nightmares
                * Portability problems

        Often just a few small changes can make a program much more
        powerful while at the same time _reducing_ the amount of code.

        We will also see a number of 'red flags': Early warning signs
        that you might see in your own code that almost always
        indicate that something is wrong or should be done

        Criticism will be incisive but kind, in the style of Mark's
        well-received 'Program Repair Shop and Red Flags' articles
        from www.perl.com.  

        Mark-Jason Dominus has been programming in Perl since 1993.
        He is the managing editor of www.perl.com, a moderator of the
        comp.lang.perl.misc newsgroup, an occasional contributor of
        Perl core patches, and the author of the 'perlreftut' manual
        page. He is noted for his articles in the Perl Journal, his
        classes and tutorials at past Perl conferences, and his
        'Memoize', 'Text::Template', and 'Algorithm::Diff' modules.

Attendees are invited to submit their own code for review during the
class; please mail it to mjd-tpc-5-repair+@plover.com no later than
April 16 2001.


The Towne Building is located at 220 South
33rd Street in Philadelphia.

For directions to the University, see


Maps are available at


You must make an advance reservation; I have room for only 42 people.
To reserve, please send an email message to



I'd like it if this notice could be circulated to other groups that
might be interested, so to give it a chance to circulate, I'm going to
disregard any mail I receive asking for a reservation unless it
arrives after 9AM tomorrow.  

If I get more than 42 requests for reservations, participants will
be selected by me based on some combination of:

         * Promptness of response  (ignoring responses that arrive before 9AM)
         * Random drawing
         * Blatant favoritism

I hope to see lots and lots of people there.

My grateful thanks to Helen Anderson and to the University of
Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science for providing
the space and AV equipment for my talk.

Mark-Jason Dominus 	  			                 mjd@plover.com
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