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Re: [PLUG] Slackware mailing list?

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Bill Jonas wrote:

> I recently started using Slackware again, this time on my laptop.
> I went to the Slackware web page to sign up for mailing lists, but the
> only lists advertised were slackware-announce and slackware-security,
> which I signed up for, since -announce and -security for your distribution
> are good to be on anyway.  What I didn't see, however, was a -users or a
> -discuss or anything similar.  I did find, however, Slackware's own
> version of Crappy Web Forums(TM).

This is totally unofficial (ignore the email address and url..) 

but check

for a list of potential resource locations (clubs, yahoogroups,
newsgroups, etc.) 

If anybody knows of any more, please send the data my way so I can add it.

And if you want slackware banners/propaganda/etc... check

I'll also pass on your suggestions.. 

Also a good suggestion is openprojects IRC ( channel
#slackware - you will quite often 3 of the developers (chris, logan,
david) there not to mention plenty of other people... (it's the second
most popular distribution specific channel on this IRC net.)

Also, you should check it's a Slackware-oriented website
run by keskoy who is in New Castle, Delaware and whom would love to meet
other Slackware users. 

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