Michael Leone on Fri, 6 Apr 2001 10:26:14 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Job Ops..

> > If this all sounds good to you please E-Mail me your resume in RTF, PDF,
> > HTML or Plain Txt format to swright@pyleco.com  (I WILL NOT OPEN ANY MS
> Why won't you open a Word document?  From the looks of the email headers
> of your message you are using MS Outlook anyway ... isn't Outlook part
> of MS Office which Word is also a part of?

Avoids macros viruses, probably. Also, sending it in a different format
shows you know how to do a SAVE AS, and also clean up the crud that Word
sticks into other formats (sopecifically, into HTML format).

And hey - it might be corporate policy, to not accept any files in that
format. Some places get draconian that way, you know. Hell, some place
reject email if the body of the email contains "forbidden words". I had an
email rejected once because I mentioned the "ILOVEYOU" virus - and
"ILOVEYOU" was a phrase on the taboo list for this company. I had to resend,
using "I L*VE Y*U" in the body of the email, to get around it.

Oh, and it's possible to own/run just Outlook without the rest of Office.
Not bloody likely, but possible.

Anyway .. back to normal Friday ramblings ...

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