Eric Allan Lucas on Tue, 10 Apr 2001 00:13:10 -0400

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[PLUG] Odd mouse problem

I'm hoping someone has heard of something like this before.
SuSE 7.0 - running either Gnome or KDE2...  starts fine... then
suddenly the mouse goes nuts..  cursor won't leave the 
lower left corner - boxes start poping up for options that
I did not click.  The SAME mouse works fine on NT 4.0 via
a KVM switch.  I even switched mice and got the same result.
If I ctl-alt-backspace and log in again, it works fine for 
a brief time again... then the same thing.  Started 
intermittently about 3 weeks ago.  Getting worse and worse.
Now it's barely usable.

I don't see anything in the logs.  Seems like a flaky
mouse port on the motherboard but how does THAT happen?

Any ideas before I start tearing the system apart?


Eric Lucas

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