Rupert Heesom on Thu, 12 Apr 2001 18:20:15 -0400

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Hi all:

I'm trying to evaluate which program to use for backuping up a large
disk to tape......

After implementing Logical Volume Management, I hope to have a large
amount of disk space available to myself.

My tape drive, a Seagate Tapestor (Travan 5) is supposed to have 8Gb
compressed capacity.

My Logical volume should have about 20Gb worth of space, which means
that I will need more than 1 tape to do a full backup.

I know that both tar and dump can handle multiple tapes (backup
volumes), but I also want to know that I can ask for directories like
/proc, /tmp to be left out of the backup.   I can do with with tar, but
after reading the man page and info page for dump, can't find any switch
or documentation that tells me I can request multiple locations or files
to be backed up.

Does anyone know more about DUMP?   Which util is used more out there?

I do like the interactive nature of restores that DUMP's RESTORE can do,
and the Amanda frontend supports both dump & tar, so dump should be able
to do what I need....


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