Jeff Abrahamson on Fri, 13 Apr 2001 10:56:28 -0400

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wine, quicken, installshield, and hair on the floor

Ay! The last reason on the planet I have for keeping my Mac around is
Quicken. (And then I get to just have one linux machine on my desk.)
So here I am with wine (20010216) trying to install quicken
(quicken_deluxe_98.exe, the one they were touting as Y2K safe at the
end of 1999).

And I got installshield to come up, but it only installs a few things
before it says it can't launch an intermediate file and it bails.

My config for wine is quite ordinary and out of the box: I just
changed the paths for some drives to match real places on my disk.

Any suggestions, comments, help?


 Jeff Abrahamson  <>