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Re: [PLUG] Kernel 2.4.3 - can't choose ReiserFS?

On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 12:31:47AM -0400, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> Um, yeah. That's the point.
> "wailing and gnashing of teeth" == bad.

Why do you want reiserfs? If you're not willing to 'enable experimental'
code, you probably dont really want it.

The fact its considered 'experimental' means that its not done and
declared 'solid' yet. The fact its in teh 2.4 kernel says its done in the
extent that the implementation/internals shouldnt be subject to huge

I'd suggest reading up on reiserfs before you use a reiser partition for
critical data. 

Error recovery (in the event that the journal is hosed) isnt on par with
ext2 yet. Looking over the homepage I see:

ReiserFS has been in the official Linux kernel since 2.4.1-pre4. Having
the linux kernel with ReiserFS included still leaves you needing the utils
(e.g. mkreiserfs to create ReiserFS on an empty partition, the resizer,
etc.), which you can get below. If you have a kernel from before
2.4.1-pre4, you can get a kernel patch from us. Of the kernels before
2.4.1-pre8, we recommend only reiserfs for the Linux 2.2.* series, and
reiserfs for Linux 2.4.0-test10. Never compile using gcc 2.96 as comes
with RedHat 7.0, it is buggy and the source of extensive controversy.

Good stuff to know. 
So despite it being in the kernel as a filesystem driver, you'd still want
to get new / matching filesystem tools when you upgrade. Sort of like how
you upgrade modutils/etc when you compile a newer kernel. has urls/information. If you're interested, read that. 

I user reiserfs on a day to day basis simply because I can avoid fsck's
that way. The risk of corruption/dataloss only equates to a reinstall. I
dont have any critical data. If it were important, I'd be using a stable
filesystem and a kernel that didnt have the potential to corrupt my
filesystems. All kernels after  2.2.12 ( I believe ) had an issue where 
you ran the risk of filesystem corruption. It is allegedly fixed in 

To date, I have not been personally bitten by this. However, there has
been traffic on LKML regarding it. 


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