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Re: [PLUG] wine, quicken, installshield, and hair on the floor

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Subject: [PLUG] wine, quicken, installshield, and hair on the floor

> Ay! The last reason on the planet I have for keeping my Mac around is
> Quicken. (And then I get to just have one linux machine on my desk.)
> So here I am with wine (20010216) trying to install quicken
> (quicken_deluxe_98.exe, the one they were touting as Y2K safe at the
> end of 1999).
> And I got installshield to come up, but it only installs a few things
> before it says it can't launch an intermediate file and it bails.
> My config for wine is quite ordinary and out of the box: I just
> changed the paths for some drives to match real places on my disk.
> Any suggestions, comments, help?

You ain't gonna like it ...

I have never gotten WINE to install anything properly. Not RealPlayer, not
Word 97 (altho the web site says it can be done), not Office 2000, not
Photoshop 5. I've tried both regular WINE and that CodeWeaver's WINE
Preview. Neither seemed to let me run the stuf I wanted to run.
I'm beginning to doubt it can do anything more complicated than maybe
Solitaire. :-(

(OK, OK, maybe WINE does work - supposedly, Corel uses it extensively, to
run WordPerfect for Linux - but I personally haven't seen it)

I can personally attest to the fact that Win4Lin works really well with my
MS Money 2000 - I pay bills online and check account balances all the time -
and has pretty close to removed my need to boot up in to any of those
"obscure, proprietary operating systems", as they're known. :-)
(Except for games - nothing but real Windows does DirectX yet, AFAIK. But I
don't do games very often)

Win4Lin = $60 download, tho, which is probably twice what you paid for your

But what the hey ... post some more details about the exact error message,
and maybe somebody will have a better suggestion.

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