Rupert Heesom on Sun, 15 Apr 2001 16:20:13 -0400

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[PLUG] HELP with /dev/scanner not working

After upgrading my RH6.2 to 7, and upgrading to kernel 2.4.3, I now find
that, although I have the device files of /dev/scanner (which points to)
/dev/sga, my xsane software can't find any scanner device!!

It MAY be to do with how I compiled my 2.4 kernel, because I also found
that my printing didn't work, after leaving the parallel port support
out of the compiled kernel & having to uninstall LPRng, and reinstall

I've tried to find a kernel setting for a scanner, but can't.

I've also looked at the permissions of /dev/scanner and /dev/sga.  I've
added them into the "scanner" group of which I'm a member, but the sane
programs are not a member.

What else can I look at ???  I've come to the end of my knowledge, and
still have not got my scanner up and running again !!!

Thanks for any help from all you gurus !!!


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