William Shank on Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:17:24 -0400

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[PLUG] JDK 1.3 and RH7.1

I just installed RH7.1 yesterday and I cannot get java to run. I'm using the
Sun JDK1.3_02, which is the latest. java -version doesn't execute, and I
cannot get Forte to launch either. however, i see defunct java processes
running in the process table. i think it may be related to the issue that
prevents oracle8i from running as described in the release notes. which is
that oracle is linked to the glibc 2.1 libs, where as RH7.1 runs the glibc
2.2. anyone experiencing similar problems? any fixes? i'm going to try the
fix for oracle, but i'm not sure if there are other env. variables that need
to be created as well. any help or advice is appreciated (unless you suggest
i switch to debian, in which case i'll just stick my tongue out at you ;-p )


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