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Re: [PLUG] Embedded Linux

On Sat, 21 Apr 2001, Bill Jonas wrote:
> On a couple of different mailing lists I'm on (including this one), people
> are talking about messing around with embedded Linux.  I have a question
> about this: How, as a "consumer", does one experiment with this?  I'm
> guessing special hardware is required, or software emulators, at the very
> least.  Any links to how this is done without spending a fortune?

YAES... a while back... stan and sandy were gonna get people together to
play around, learn, hack, work, etc. on embedded and related (real-time) 
stuff... I think there was about 8 people interested, and we had a
mini-meeting after a PLUG meeting... well I was drivin home and had an
idea for a name and also wanted to try and come up with a time and day to
meet since at the mini meeting we really didnt come to an agreement on a
good time or day, so I created a mailing list on egroups/yahoo groups so
people could discuss it easily, but only one other person whom I invited
to the list joined, and I never heard anything more.  I was thinkin'
either they 1) didn't like my name or 2) were upset that I tried to help
in organizing us all together so that we could meet without askin'; either
way, I never heard anything else about this efforts either in email or via
the PLUG list.

Anyways, the name I came up with was "PEARS" -- "Philadelphia
Embedded And Real-time Systems"

The yahoogroup is at:
Anyways y'all are welcome to join, and I'd certainly like to hear more
about whatever happened to stan and sandy's efforts, cause I certainly did
not want to replicate their efforts nor run it... I just wanted to be able
to meet and work on projects and LEARN!

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