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Re: [PLUG] Yet Another Distribution Question

On Sat, 21 Apr 2001, Bill Jonas wrote:
> My wife wants to learn how to get around in Unix, since it's used
> extensively in the science and research communities.  I'm wondering if I
> should set her up with one of those do-everything GUI-fied distributions
> config tool, thus requiring the learning of the command-line Way of Doing
> It.  OTOH, she said she wants to "learn Unix", not "Unix System
> Administration", and I'm concerned that Slackware might scare her off.
> Thoughts?  Keep in mind she'll have live-in, 24-hour spousal tech support.

Well, you answered your own question. 

I was going to point this very thing out. She wants to "learn how to get
around in Unix" not "learn how to administer a system."  Why don't you
just set her up as a normal user on one of your boxes with something like
a glorified X-Terminal as her logon system?  She'll still learn command
line stuff, it's hard to avoid it.  Let her customize her own setup.. even
a well-written and decent .xinitrc can stand a little customization by a
newbie editing some well-documented files. 

You might also want to look into/find out what sort of L/UNIX they are
using at her work, because it might be more beneficial to her if she
learned the specifics of that system, or one that is closer to it. 

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