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Re: [PLUG] Dual-boot Linux/Solaris instructions, from Sun!

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Bill Jonas wrote:
> It kind of suprised me to see this sort of thing from Sun.  Maybe they're
> starting to come around.

I don't know.  Sun leant Slackware an UltraSPARC to help develop the Sparc
port of Slackware.

Let's face it, they're a hardware company... they make money selling
hardware, if people want to run Linux on their hardware, and they don't
make it easy for people to do it, then people will buy hardware from
another company.

>From a posting by David Cantrell in Slackware Forums:

"The Ultra 5 is my personal workstation. The Ultra 60 is a loaner from Sun
Microsystems to develop the SPARC port of Slackware. It's been great
having that there, the Ultra 5 was cranking out all the packages, but the
60 just tears through them. The other two machines are for testing/qa."

And don't forget they gave out copies of Solaris 8 at LWCE-NYC 2001.

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