Greg Lopp on Thu, 4 Oct 2001 18:40:11 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] Mozilla broken in Debian unstable?

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 11:52:00AM -0400, Bill Jonas wrote:
> Starting a couple days ago, I noticed after a dist-upgrade that the
> mozilla installation was failing.  Specifically, regexpcom (called from
> the mozilla-browser install script) segfaults.  If one tries to run
> mozilla after this, it complains that mozilla was not installed
> properly and it will not start.  This is with Mozilla 0.9.4, Debian
> package version 0.9.4-4.  I tried checking the Debian BTS
> (,
> but I didn't see any mention of this and found no workarounds.
> Anyone else had this problem?  Any way to fix it?
Some people on the galeon-user (uses mozilla's gecko rendering
engine) list noticed a problem there too.  The last mention of
this on that list suggested that is was related to the glibc
version and reverting from 2.2.4-2 to 2.2.4-1 would fix it.  

Yep, concurrs. 


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