Kyle R . Burton on Fri, 5 Oct 2001 17:50:19 +0200

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[PLUG] OT: Linux Programmer Wanted

I recently recieved an email from Chris Gibson <>
of KVB-Enertec.  They're a firm in Hatfield PA and are looking for a Linux
Programmer (job description is below).  I'm currently gainfuly employed,
so I suggested that forwarding his request to the PLUG list would be a
good idea and he agreed.  

I don't know anything more than what I've said above and the job description

If anyone's interested, all you have to do is drop Chris an email.

Somebody go get a job ;^)


Software Linux Engineer  
KVB-Enertec is looking for a software engineer with development experience on a Unix and Linux platform.  This person must be a team player as they will work with other developers within our Powertec group.  
Expertise in several of the items below: 
	- Unix/C programming model 
	- Programming in the Unix environment 
	- TCP/IP sockets. 
	- Perl /  Bash scripting 
	- Serial comm. 
	- Linux device driver/ kernel space programming 
Familiarity with some of the below: 
	- C/C++, Perl, Awk, Sed, Python, 
	- Serial Comm programming. 
	- Programming in the linux environment. 
	- LRP or other embedded linux distribution. 
	- HTTP/CGI programming 
	- Apache modules. 
	- Modbus, DNP, Modbus+, IEC870, etc., 
	- PPP, 
	- IP-routing 
Please forward your qualified resumes to or fax to 215-996-9201 Attn. Christopher Gibson. 


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