Ann Tsai on Fri, 5 Oct 2001 21:00:21 +0200

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[PLUG] 5th Annual Linux Showcase and Conference

-- ATTN: Philadelphia Linux Users Group

Register by Monday, October 15 for the Annual Linux Showcase and Conference and save up to $200.

5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference
November 5-10, 2001
Oakland, CA

This year's ALS features the following invited speakers:
- Thomas Sterling, CalTech & NASA JPL on Petaflops Computing with Linux
- Don Becker, Scyld Computing, Inc. on Home Beowulf Systems
- Tony Iams, D.H. Brown Associates on a competitive assessment of
Linux in the Enterprise
- Helen Greinier, i-Robot on the state of Robotic Today
- Don Marti, on Embedded Linux Success Stories

ALS also provides practical, professional-level education through 12 TUTORIALS including:
-Inside the Linux Kernel
-Exploring the Potential of LDAP
-Configuring and Administering Samba Servers
-Linux Systems Administration
-Unix/Linux Network Administration
-Building and Using a Personal Beowulf

For the complete conference schedule and to register visit:

NEW this year!
The XFREE86 Technical Conference provides a forum to learn about exciting new advances in many areas of the X window system. For complete information and to register, visit:

XFree86 Workshops:
-Developing KDE Applications
-Configuring Xfree86
-GTK+/GNOME Development

Come and celebrtate the 10th Birthday Party for Linux, followed by
the Linux BOF with Linus Torvalds, Jon "maddog" Hall, Ted Ts'o, Bryan
Andregg, and a few hundred of your peers.

We look forward to seeing you in Oakland, CA!

5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference (ALS 2001) is sponsored by
USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association, and the Atlanta
Linux Showcase, in cooperation with Linux International.

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