Philip McGraw on Wed, 10 Oct 2001 16:05:42 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Sun Java and

I notice that you may have already resolved this problem, but I
thought I'd offer a tidbit of java lore that might help explain
more about the problem you encountered.  If a java app is looking
for then it is expecting to run in a Java1 (version
1.1.x) rather than a Java2 (version 1.2.x or 1.3.x) environment.
In Java2 the closest analogy to is probably rt.jar

So, if you had initially downloaded and installed Java 1.1.8 it
might have run OK with the original version of the application.

Perhaps by updating to a later version of the application, that
new version was updated for using Java2 (e.g., 1.3.1).

I find Sun's marketing naming conventions rather confusing,
whether it is Solaris/SunOS or Java:

Solaris: 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 (aka Solaris 7), 2.8 (aka Solaris 8)...

Java: 1.0.x, 1.1.x, 1.2.x (aka Java2), 1.3.x (aka Java2)...

Why is Java 1.3.x still known as Java2 rather than Java3, and
will 1.4.x (already in beta) be known as Java2 or Java4?

Hope this helps, but it may only serve as useless Sun trivia.


On Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 02:28:07PM -0400, Joseph B. Welsh wrote:
> Hey List,
> I am hoping someone can help me out.
> I'm trying to run an application that needs Java, so I go to SUN's
> website and download their latest version (1.3.1).
> I get it installed and setup correctly so the applications can see it.
> However when I try to run my app it gives a message saying I should set
> my CLASSPATH variable to my path. According to the docs I
> have read it should be  /usr/java/(javahome)/lib/
> I look at my installtion and find I don't have a :(
> So since this was the runtime enviornment I go back and get the full
> blown version and guess what...?  no in that package either
> :(
> Is it a seperate download?  Am I missing something obvious?  Is
> like milk and sugar to coffee? ( I know bad joke, but I am
> truly fustrated by this installation.)
> If it matters I'm running Mandarake Linux 8.1 with 2.4.8 Kernel.
> Thanks,
> Joe
> Joseph B. Welsh
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