Joseph B. Welsh on Wed, 10 Oct 2001 20:40:17 +0200

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[PLUG] Sun Java and

Hey List,

I am hoping someone can help me out.

I'm trying to run an application that needs Java, so I go to SUN's
website and download their latest version (1.3.1).

I get it installed and setup correctly so the applications can see it.

However when I try to run my app it gives a message saying I should set
my CLASSPATH variable to my path. According to the docs I
have read it should be  /usr/java/(javahome)/lib/

I look at my installtion and find I don't have a :(

So since this was the runtime enviornment I go back and get the full
blown version and guess what...?  no in that package either

Is it a seperate download?  Am I missing something obvious?  Is like milk and sugar to coffee? ( I know bad joke, but I am
truly fustrated by this installation.)

If it matters I'm running Mandarake Linux 8.1 with 2.4.8 Kernel.


Joseph B. Welsh

--If it's the thought that matters...Why bother with the gift?

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