Steven M Cherry on Fri, 12 Oct 2001 06:30:11 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Help with finding employment please?

FWIW Advice from someone who's been on the interviewer side several times.
(I'm also probably going to be in the job market soon as well, so I've
played both sides ;-) )

Employer's feel a lot more comfortable hiring someone who has a personal
recommendation from someone already working for the company.  This got
more resume's to my desk for review than anything else.  We were always
willing to check someone out that was recommended from within.

What does that mean?  Pull any strings you can find.  Friends, family,
cousin's, old college buddies, etc.  It puts you one step higher on the
food chain than everyone else.

My job as an interviewer was not to hire someone, but to find the full
range of their skills.  This meant that I had to ask very technical questions
about as many areas as I could cover in the time allotted.  A previous
poster said that a company is always going to find something bad about
you.  Unfortunately, that's their job.  They need to know not only where
your strengths are, but where you are thin as well.

The best answer to a question about technology that you don't know, is
just that "I don't know".  Followed quickly by saying that you know how
to RTFM, and STFW, and that you've found answers quickly to sticky 
problems before.

What I'm typically looking for is: are you quick? do you have a decent
background in what I need?  are you going to bull<bleep> me and waste
my time trying to convice me you know something that you don't?  are
you someone who can communicate well?

Most important for me (and this is just a personal opinion, not a 
company policy) was: are you quick?  After that, I can teach you most
of what you're gonna need to know to work with me.  And if I can't,
then the web can.

My $0.02


> This is the best offer and advice that I've gotten to date! 8-)
> > if you can get me a date with a supermodel, you can have my job.
> >
> > i find it many times easier to get a job thru someone who i already know
> >  that works there.  so start going to various lug meetings in the area.
> > contribute to some open-source projects to get your name out.  paint "i
> > love linux" or "will program for sex" on your car.  play a team sport that
> > yuppies play.  just get people to notice you and your experience.  good
> > luck!
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