paul on Fri, 12 Oct 2001 07:40:10 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Help with finding employment please?

> FWIW Advice from someone who's been on the interviewer side several times.
> (I'm also probably going to be in the job market soon as well, so I've
> played both sides ;-) )

This is a perspective that I was hoping to read.

> My job as an interviewer was not to hire someone, but to find the full
> range of their skills.  This meant that I had to ask very technical questions
> about as many areas as I could cover in the time allotted.  A previous
> poster said that a company is always going to find something bad about
> you.  Unfortunately, that's their job.  They need to know not only where
> your strengths are, but where you are thin as well.

>From my point of view, interviewing must be less stressful but more difficult than
being interviewed. I know it's the impression that counts, but how accurate do you
think your perceptions were, considering that an interview is like taking a fish
out water to examine its natural behavior?

> What I'm typically looking for is: are you quick? do you have a decent
> background in what I need?  are you going to bull<bleep> me and waste
> my time trying to convice me you know something that you don't?  are
> you someone who can communicate well?

In the past, honesty seemed to produce a negative return. I've gotten calls for
jobs that I really wanted and was qualified for for the most part, but I always
blow the first, second, or third interviews. One line that I remember is saying
that there's more to the world than Micro$soft!

I wouldn't say that I'm quick, but I am thorough. I believe a technical job is all
about finding solutions (and avoiding problems) as opposed to already knowing
everything. So, a good background and a lot of interest is important.

Is the getting the interviewer a date with a super model a good failover solution?

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