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Re: Re: [PLUG] Continued newbie questions thread !-0

Well, I'm in digest mode, so I read and mull over a day's worth of stuff at
a time. (Wink wink nudge nudge.) (It's kind of like reading the newspaper
front to back and following a few stories simultaneously which hop around on
different pages.) It is hard to follow it all; I think the fault is mine for
posing too many questions at once initially and also that every answer I
get, while fulfilling on it's own sprouts more questions for me... You did
clear up a lot for me though, and the links everyone has provided are great
reading too.

==> > Thanks, this stuff is awesome - I hope this post isn't
==> annoyingly huge.
==> One suggestion for the future -- you'll probably get more and quicker
==> replies if you reply with your questions as they arise in the thread,
==> rather than saving everything for one big post such as this one.  I'll
==> be honest, I found myself confused more than once by the style that you
==> used here, and I imagine I'm not the only one.  It keeps the flow going
==> to reply to individual posts with your questions as they arise.  More
==> conversational, it is.  And smaller numbers of questions at a time are
==> easier to digest.  I *did* appreciate the fact that you kept the line
==> wrap under 80 characters, though. :)
==> Anyway, I hope I haven't confused you overly much. ;)  Feel free to keep
==> asking questions.
==> --
==> Bill Jonas

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