Fred K Ollinger on Sat, 13 Oct 2001 17:30:08 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Help with finding employment please?

> This is always the difficult part.  As an interviewer, you have to understand
> that your candidate is under an extreme amount of stress, and may not be able
> to call to mind everything that they would under more normal circumstances.

This is usually if you _need_ the job. But for a well qualified worker,
there are always more jobs. I try to tell myself that I can do other
things. I haven't gotten into a computer job yet, and I don't know if I
ever will. I'd love it, but I have no official cred, yet, so I'm trying to
volunteer to get experience.

Things may be more stressful if one realizes that they are interviewing
the job as well. If the job is really good for someone, then the interview
should be easier. If the job is out of their league or not so good: read
MS maintainane for linux person, then the interview probably won't go
well, which is good b/c the job wouldn't be any fun anyway.

I guess this is different for someone with a family, but in this case, I
guess a fun job should be seen as something as a luxary anyway and not
stressed over.

> Some interviewers enjoyed that aspect of it because it gave them some sort
> of strange sense of power.  That always pissed me off.  However you have

Don't like this type for a boss anyhow.

> do you think you work with others" kind of fluff question.  But mostly, it
> was things like "write me a standard C++ class with public, protected, and
> private attributes and methods".  Those are the kind of things that the
> candidate is either going to know or not know, regardless of their environment.

Now this is a good interview.


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