paul on Mon, 15 Oct 2001 17:10:36 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] Free AMD stuff.

> the XP processor is something COMPLEATLY unrelated to MS.  It is an upgrade
> to there current CPU and wastes the P4 almost all across the board.
> Please read up more on this CPU and you will never even consider Intels
> offerings ever again.  Any one who has had introduction to computer
> architecture already knows the Athlon processor is superior.

AMD is what I use and recommend. I own an Athlon classic slot A and a Duron
CPU. Although, I don't like the amount of heat that the big Athlon produces.

I've always built my systems from the ground up, so I am familiar with the
hardware. I am not always familiar with promotional material. What I did see at
AMD's Web site was some type of blurb about making Windows XP blazing fast or
something. You have to admit that there is some kind of marketing strategy
going on with the use of the letters XP in the processor name. And maybe
Windows XP uses the Athlon XP additional instruction set, which would be like
the difference between MMX and non-MMX back in the old days. 8-)

But, I have to admit that I wrote something without solid information.

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