William Shank on Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:50:17 +0200

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RE: [PLUG] ASCII encoding question...

 many thanks for the replies. i think i have figured out what is happening.
first, let me state that yes, the web developers should have been using the
HTML codes instead of extended ascii codes, but thanks to the wonders of
frontpage, my developers don't need to think about that anymore  - they
stick me with it...

it looks like the vi editor on the host machine doesn't recognize extended
ascii - because when i scp the file back (the one that looks to have been
converted) my local editors show the extended characters. 

the really weird thing is that if i view the pages with a browser -served
from a web server, on my local linux box or on the staging solaris box, the
extended characters are correct, but when viewed via a browser from the host
box - those characters show up as question marks (?). that is the really
confusing part. i wonder if the web server is converting it or putting some
extended acsii directive in the header to inform the browser? 

in the mean time, i'll have a web developer change all the ascii codes to
the html equivalent, but i'd really like to know why it looks ok in the
browser server from one machine but not hte other. i figure it has to be ISO
vs UTF encoding, but I don't know how to change it - it's usually a install
time option.

thanks again for the help!


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Today, William Shank, spilled the beans:

WS> i have a web page written on MS and linux, deployed on solaris.
There is
WS> copyright, trademark, and m-dashes in the page(s). On linux and
windows and

are you using the HTML codes?  &tm; Ӓ etc?  You should not have
actual copyright, trademark, or m-dashes ( "~" is ok) in the file.

WS> any problem. when i scp the file to the hosting box (this is a flex
WS> via uunet - so they did the intial install and we get the managment
WS> the codes get changed into what looks like their acsii value (ie:
WS> copyright=<backslash>256). what would be causing this? does anyone
know how
WS> to change it on solaris?

scp does not mess with the contents of the file -- an ascii mode ftp
transfer would though..  if you think that the file is being modified
zip it before transfering it -- it won't modify it then.

the file is probably not being converted the way you think -- maybe the
viewer you are using linux side, or post transfer translates the
for you...

  Marques Johansson

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