Marques Johansson on Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:40:15 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] ASCII encoding question...

Today, William Shank, spilled the beans:

WS> i have a web page written on MS and linux, deployed on solaris. There is
WS> copyright, trademark, and m-dashes in the page(s). On linux and windows and

are you using the HTML codes?  &tm; Ӓ etc?  You should not have the
actual copyright, trademark, or m-dashes ( "~" is ok) in the file.

WS> any problem. when i scp the file to the hosting box (this is a flex account
WS> via uunet - so they did the intial install and we get the managment pains)
WS> the codes get changed into what looks like their acsii value (ie:
WS> copyright=<backslash>256). what would be causing this? does anyone know how
WS> to change it on solaris?

scp does not mess with the contents of the file -- an ascii mode ftp
transfer would though..  if you think that the file is being modified then
zip it before transfering it -- it won't modify it then.

the file is probably not being converted the way you think -- maybe the
viewer you are using linux side, or post transfer translates the character
for you...

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