jbeck on Wed, 17 Oct 2001 19:00:12 +0200

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[PLUG] simple Debian install?

Hi All,

Seeing as there is a thread going the past few days about switching from RedHat to Debian, I figured now is a good time to ask a general Debian question:

Is there a current Debian distro that comes with a SIMPLE installation routine, either graphical (like RedHat) or text-based (like Slackware)? I tried Progeny 1.0, but it has a problem with the SiS chips, and I can't get the install to continue. I tried an older version of what I think was a generic Debian distro, and couldn't figure out how to even get the install started! (cd's came from LinuxCentral).

I would love to try Debian, but would really prefer that it have a simple install program, preferably where I can just specify a default "workstation" build, specify gnome / kde, and off it goes (very much like both Slack and RH, Mandrake, etc).


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