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Re: [PLUG] simple Debian install?

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Subject: [PLUG] simple Debian install?

> Hi All,
> Seeing as there is a thread going the past few days about switching from
> RedHat to Debian, I figured now is a good time to ask a general Debian
> question:
> Is there a current Debian distro that comes with a SIMPLE installation
> routine, either graphical (like RedHat) or text-based (like Slackware)?


The Debian-derived distros, like Corel and Progeny, were supposed to be
easier to install. But Debian  (I  believe) is *deliberately* made harder
than the others, to weed out the newbies.


> I would love to try Debian, but would really prefer that it have a simple
> install program, preferably where I can just specify a default
> build, specify gnome / kde, and off it goes (very much like both Slack and
> RH, Mandrake, etc).

No where near as easy as RH or Mandrake. I've done all 3. And while it's not
the HARDEST thing in the world to install Debian, it sure could be made

Come to the PADS (Phila Area Debian Society) meeting tonight; you can pick
all our brains, if you want.

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