Fred K Ollinger on Wed, 17 Oct 2001 19:50:13 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] BSA offering a grace period

I know that this is silly, but what rights do they have to come in on your
business? What proof do they have to have? Do they really get a warrant
and make everyone, 'step away from the machines?'

I don't own a business, but if I did and I had a warning, I'd back up data
then low-level every last computer before an audit. "No sir, no violations
here." I guess this type of behavior would get me thrown in jail for
contempt or something. Wonder if I did a fresh, tiny linux install over
the low-level? "Sure, stick the cd in there. See if you can run your
crappy violation software." This sw does exist. There's a 'mac' and a 'pc'
version. I should try the pc version under WINE. :)

Finally, what hope do we have of starting our counter BSA? The GSA? Can we
get a warrant and audit MS and Adobe? IMHO, the GPL should be as legally
binding as the other shrink-wrap 'contracts' especially b/c we never sign
them nor even click through them as MS comes pre-installed. I wonder if
this stuff would hold up in court. I guess not as using the sw, IMHO, is
the same as agreeing to licencse.

I guess it's time to start opening up that closet where we piled up all
those shiny holograms and start stacking them up.


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