Kevin Brosius on Wed, 17 Oct 2001 20:00:12 +0200

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Re: [PLUG] block-major-3 and binfmt-0000 'modules'...

Zachary Whitley wrote:
> On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 11:25, Guillermo Moyna wrote:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > First, thanks to all how provided pointers to my SSH problems. It was
> > actually something else. One of the rpc daemons was not running, and
> > aparently that made the ssh server a very unhappy camper...
> >
> > Now a question. I don't recall ever 'mounting' the CDROM on our
> > cluster (paricularly after a kernel upgrade), and I tried the other
> > day and it would not work (This little intro basically means "I have
> > no idea when this started to happen..."). Looking into the log file,
> > I found this two 'modprobe' error messages, one of which seems to be
> > related:
> >
> > Oct 16 13:45:33 node0 modprobe: can't locate module binfmt-0000
> > Oct 16 15:43:45 node0 modprobe: can't locate module block-major-3
> >
> > What the heck are these things? I know binfmt has something to do
> > with binary format of executables, and block-major-3 with block
> > devices (hda, hdb, therefore the problem with the CDROM, I suspect).
> > More importantly, how the heck do I fix'em?
> >

> Check your /etc/modules.conf file. 'man modules.conf' should tell you
> how the file works. There should be a line that aliases block-major-3 to
> a module.

Maybe a new kernel install without the associated 'make modules_install'
(after doing a 'make modules')?  Also, new modules need a 'depmod' run
as root.  In some cases the boot scripts do that, but not always.

Kevin Brosius

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