Guillermo Moyna on Wed, 17 Oct 2001 17:30:11 +0200

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[PLUG] block-major-3 and binfmt-0000 'modules'...

Hi there,

First, thanks to all how provided pointers to my SSH problems. It was actually something else. One of the rpc daemons was not running, and aparently that made the ssh server a very unhappy camper...

Now a question. I don't recall ever 'mounting' the CDROM on our cluster (paricularly after a kernel upgrade), and I tried the other day and it would not work (This little intro basically means "I have no idea when this started to happen..."). Looking into the log file, I found this two 'modprobe' error messages, one of which seems to be related:

Oct 16 13:45:33 node0 modprobe: can't locate module binfmt-0000
Oct 16 15:43:45 node0 modprobe: can't locate module block-major-3

What the heck are these things? I know binfmt has something to do with binary format of executables, and block-major-3 with block devices (hda, hdb, therefore the problem with the CDROM, I suspect). More importantly, how the heck do I fix'em?


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