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Re: [PLUG] block-major-3 and binfmt-0000 'modules'...

Thanks for the replies re: the modules problem. The one with the binfmt-0000 seems to have vanished from the log file after I re-installed the 'fileutil' packages (there were some diff's between programs, I don't know exactly why but I have my suspicions...)

The other one had it's origins (I want to believe) on the soft link between /dev/cdrom and /dev/hd*. I had /dev/cdrom linked to /dev/hdd. However, I suspect the 'inodes' changed when I upgraded the kernel: /dev/hdd was "22,64", but it needed to be "22,0". I removed the link and made the link to /dev/hdc (which is "22,0"), and everything is working fine: I can mount the cdrom with no problems, plus I get no more errors from modprobe to the syslog.

Thanks again,

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