Paul on Thu, 18 Oct 2001 03:34:07 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] KMail from root

> I guess my general point here is that being a little bit careful is
> really not that hard, solves easily and safely the problem you were
> struggling to solve the hard and dangerous, and is generally good
> Unix usage practice.

In this case it might solve the problem, but what if my regular user account 
doesn't match my e-mail name? I use "paul" as my e-mail name because my usual 
login name, "pagin", seems inappropriate for things like business 
communications. My phone extension used to display "pagin". An executive, 
Jewish I presume, asked me if I knew that my name was showing up as "pagin". 
I had to explain to him that it is my first initial and last name, and that I 
am not a Pagan! Anyway, it would be nice if Netscape Messenger would just use 
the identity that I tell it to use!

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