gabriel rosenkoetter on Thu, 18 Oct 2001 09:46:41 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] KMail from root

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 03:33:45AM -0400, Paul wrote:
> In this case it might solve the problem, but what if my regular user account 
> doesn't match my e-mail name? I use "paul" as my e-mail name because my usual 
> login name, "pagin", seems inappropriate for things like business 
> communications. My phone extension used to display "pagin". An executive, 
> Jewish I presume, asked me if I knew that my name was showing up as "pagin". 
> I had to explain to him that it is my first initial and last name, and that I 
> am not a Pagan! Anyway, it would be nice if Netscape Messenger would just use 
> the identity that I tell it to use!

Um. Well, first, I'd rather not say what I think about someone who,
knowing your full name, couldn't figure that one out. (Strikes me
that *last* names make sense for business... I'm less sure that
first names do. But whatever.) I've certainly never been accused
of growling at anyone. ;^>

Second, is your mail processed locally or relayed by way of another
SMTP server? In the former case, presuming you're using sendmail,
yes, you'll see the "Warning pagin sending mail as paul" message.
In the latter, you probably won't (since the only theoretical way
to authenticate usernames remotely is by way of identd, and using
usernames for that is just a convention; all that really is is a
tracking token).

In any case, how is logging in as root and suing to paul any
different than logging in as pagin and suing to paul? I'll tell you
how: the second way is safe; the first way isn't. (Sure, the second
way also requires a second password entry. Whooptee.)

       ~ g r @

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