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Re: [PLUG] email how-to..

On Tue, 23 Oct 2001 wrote:

> Since I'm on cable and my laptop is behind my Linux
> firewall/gateway/ I've set up my linux box as my
> outgoing mail.  The advantage is (1) outgoing
> mail is faster since my laptop just drops the
> mail on the server and the server spools it on its
> own (2) no cap on outgoing email size.  So If I
> send a 5megs MP3 attachment, my laptop just drops
> it to the linux box and the linux box might spool
> and deliver it for a couple of minutes or hours
> on its own.

the disadvantage is that you are blocked by the DUL maps -- you really
should be sending your mail out through your provider -- like

you can still use your linux box to send your laptops mail, but your
linux box should just forward the mail on to, not send it
directly.. you may find that some of your emails will not be
accepted by the remote mail server if is on the DUL
(dial-up user list)... More recently less users are relying on the MAPS
DUL because of the subscription fee..  most isp's client ips are in the

also, you don't realy save too much time sending the mail out
directly, your fastest link is going to be to the mail server,
and he will have a faster link than you to the remote mail server.

it's always good to know how to setup your mail server to send mail
directly, but in general, dial-up/cable/adsl users want to send their mail
through their isp.  it's The American Thing to Do(tm).

 Marques Johansson

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