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[PLUG] Newbie

Hello all.

I am new to the PLUG list and have not attended a meeting yet. I intend
to be present for the November meeting, dealing with the ext2
filesystem. I have a question though...if you'll put up with a newbie?

My job requires me to use a computer throughout the day but not in a
network administration capacity. I deal a lot with data recovery. I have
been using Linux now for about six months (Red Hat 7.0 then 7.1). The OS
and the software I use are much more stable then my Windows stuff. And
it's much easier to get documentation to explain what I'm doing. Windows
does not offer very good documentation.

Unfortunately there is noone at my job who uses Linux, therefore noone
to answer questions. I think you'll all agree that having another Linux
addict nearby is much better when you're playing with new software. I
find myself reading man pages, how-tos and published books almost
constantly. But, it would be much easier if I had hands-on help from the

So...Is there anyone in the Wilmington, DE area who wouldn't mind
occasionally helping a newbie?

Thanks to all for your patience!



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